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$3,600.00 AUD

Timeless Appeal and Exquisite Craftsmanship

This hand-knotted wool Persian Mashhad rug is a captivating vision of woven beauty. With its timeless appeal and ornate decorative detailing, this rug is sure to elevate its space.

Midnight Majesty

The rose colour field provides an exotic backdrop for the intricate design. The Diamond shape floral pattern in the center with the overall design takes center stage, drawing the eye and adding a sense of grandeur.

A Dance of Florals

An allover floral botanical pattern composed of blooming palmettes, rosettes, stylized florals, curved sickle leaves, and arabesque vines dances rhythmically throughout the composition. This intricate motif adds a touch of whimsy and elegance.

Classic Borders

The rug is enclosed with a classic palmette border flanked by an inner and outer floral guard bands. These borders provide a sense of balance and symmetry, while also adding visual interest.

A Perfect Fit for Any Space

This oversized Persian rug is perfect for a large entertaining space, hotel lobby, lounge area, state room, great room, drawing room, country club, academic library, golf locker room, trophy room, private chambers, dining room, living room, or formal sitting room.

Versatility and Style

This rug is well-suited for a variety of interior styles, from traditional to modern. It can complement a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or add a touch of exotic charm to an Ottoman-style interior.

Vivid Colours and Exquisite Texture

Rendered in variegated shades of midnight, navy blue, red, beige, cerulean, pink, rose, green, and tan with other accent colours, this rug is sure to add vibrant life to any space. 

Hand-Knotted Wool for Lasting Beauty

This rug is hand-knotted from the finest wool, ensuring its durability and lasting beauty. Made in Iran, this rug is a testament to the centuries-old tradition of Persian rug weaving.

Product Details:

  • Name Given: Roshan, meaning "light" in Persian language 
  • Dimensions: 392x307 cm (12'10"x10')
  • Material: Wool
  • Origin: Mashhad/ Iran
  • Style: City 
  • Design: Allover 
  • Colours: Midnight, navy blue, red, beige, cerulean, pink, rose, green, tan

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