Our Inspiration

The Bo Fig story began with a fascination for the artistry and cultural tapestry woven into handmade rugs. Sharing this love for a bygone era fuels our passion and guides our business.

Meet the Rug Addict (and Family!)

Zeinab Ana, a self-proclaimed "rug addict," is the driving force behind The Bo Fig. Her relentless sourcing and research (think books, museums, and expert consultations) ensure every rug tells a story. But The Bo Fig is truly a family affair, with Zeinab's children, Hanna and Ali, supporting the business in countless ways.

From Sydney to the World

Nestled in Sydney's Northern Beaches, we work with designers and rug enthusiasts across Australia and beyond.

A Personal Journey Shapes Our Vision

Zeinab's roots in Tehran, Iran, combined with her children's upbringing in New York and Sydney, create a unique perspective. This love for diverse cultures is reflected in the variety of rugs we offer and our clientele, which spans North America and Dubai.

Curating Your Home's Focal Point

We meticulously select nomadic and vintage rugs that will become treasured centerpieces in your home. Our "would we have this in our own home?" filter ensures each rug is unique and showcases original artistry. We then strive to offer it at a fair price, making it accessible to you.

More Than Just a Rug Seller

As a small team, we're just a message away! We're passionate about collaboration and happy to answer any questions, even if it's about a rug not sourced from us.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Sustainability: We breathe new life into beautiful rugs through cleaning and repair, offering them at affordable prices. We believe in the enduring quality of handmade rugs and are proud to be part of a system that reduces waste and promotes quality over quantity.
  • Honesty: We navigate the sometimes-murky world of rugs with transparency. We've done the research (it's our weekend hobby!), and we'll always be upfront about a rug's origin, materials, age, and condition. This ensures you get a fair price based on its inherent value.
  • Affordability: We offer competitive pricing, making our rugs significantly more accessible than those found in traditional rug galleries. This passion for quality rugs extends to wanting them to be enjoyed by a wider audience.
  • Connection: The connections fostered through The Bo Fig are what truly make it special. Seeing the joy on a customer's face after finding their perfect rug is the ultimate reward. We're always happy to chat about rugs, even if it's just to share our knowledge.

Every Rug, a Story Untold

At The Bo Fig, each rug is an invitation to step into a rich tapestry of Persian tradition. We believe these woven stories deserve a space to be heard, and we're passionate about connecting the artistry with those who appreciate it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere of luxury and restoration in your home, one rug at a time.

Love and Passion: The Threads that Bind Us

Inspired by the quote "Let it draw your soul to the garden," we bring the ancient traditions of the Silk Road straight into your home. Each Bo Fig rug is a testament to the love and dedication of skilled artisans, their nimble hands weaving intricate designs that transcend mere decoration.

Quality and Satisfaction: Our Commitment to You

Your satisfaction is paramount. We source our unique and interesting rugs from reliable, quality-conscious makers. Our mission is to be a bridge between the weavers and you, bringing rich Persian tradition with stories to be passed down for generations.

Welcome to The Bo Fig. Let us help you find your perfect rug.

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