“Craft Tradition of Central Asia”


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Story and Uniqueness

Every Bo Fig carpet tells its own story, and like the telling of a grand tale, there must be three ingredients; the story, the storyteller and the listeners. We invite you to step into the untold treasures of each Persian tale, its own woven song. Our vision is to unite our beautiful rugs with the spaces for them to best sing their stories. It is therefore our passion to foster the connection between the fine art of Persian rugs and our customers, meeting their needs, creating an atmosphere of luxury and restoration.


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Love and Passion

“If you aren’t headed briskly towards that garden, then get rid of your congestion and smell the fragrance. Let it draw your soul to the garden” ~Rumi Mathnawi II, 3232-3

Our exclusively designed rugs bring the ancient traditions of the Silk Road straight into your home. This intricate tapestry of history and artistry illuminate and lift any space. Bo Fig’s rugs are uniquely hand-crafted. Great craftsmanship entails a labour of love blended with a mastery of technical skill. Each of our carpets are a manifestation of many dextrous hands working in harmony [over many moons] to knot, hammer and weave these intricate designs into existence.


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Quality and Satisfaction

Our customers satisfaction is of paramount importance. As a boutique store we only stock the finest and most interesting tales. We wander the villages and bazaars of Persia with an open heart and keen eye, sourcing all of our rugs from creative, reliable quality makers. We aim to bring carpets with the most intricate designs and unique stories to The Bo Fig, and to your space. Our mission is to be the intermediary between the weavers and customer. Bringing rich Persian tradition to you with a story to pass to generations to come with quality and satisfaction.


Our Products:

Persian Fine Carpets

We deliberately pick the best quality carpets from the source and restore with care and diligence

Hand woven Kilims

We find the kilims from local collectors paying attention to the colour palette and weaving skills of the original weaver.

Cushions and other Home wares

From old camel saddles we create beautiful and firm cushions. Homewares also include silver plates and other decorative nomadic objects.