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This rug is a beautiful example of a Talish rug from the South Caucasus region. Talish rugs are known for their vibrant colours, intricate designs, and high quality. This particular rug is from the late 1940s and is in excellent condition.

The rug features a large diamond design in the centre, with two ascending/descending crowns from bottom to top. This creates a mesmerizing structure that guides the eye as you walk from one side to the other. The sunburst design medallions are not quite alike, with subtle variations revealing the charm of a hand-woven object. There are also eight petal circular flowers on the main border, which add contrast to the rhythmic pattern. The navy and sage green hues create a majestic overall experience in this carpet, which comes to us in low-pile condition.

The weavers of Talish rugs were known for their creativity and attention to detail. They used the highest quality materials, including wool from sheep that they themselves had grazed in high mountain pastures. The wool was then cleaned and washed repeatedly so that it could thoroughly absorb the vibrant vegetable dyes. The weavers believed that only after the material of their craft was brought to its ultimate state could they be inspired to create a rug of ultimate balance and harmony.

This rug is a living example of the ancient weaving tradition of the Talish people. It is a work of art that speaks to us of both the gaiety and deep understanding of life possessed by its creators. It would be a wonderful addition to any home and would bring a touch of beauty and history to any room.

All photos are taken in natural, filtered light and only very modestly edit photos. Please be aware that colours may vary slightly depending on the device you are viewing it on.

All rugs will be dispatched from our Bo Fig warehouse within 5 business days from receipt of payment. After dispatch, shipping time can vary depending on location with most capital cities 7 business days from warehouse dispatch.  Delivery will be to your front door only. For heavy rugs you may need help to carry it inside. All orders come with free delivery Australia wide. 


    • Intricate hand-knotted Talish rug from Northwest Persia
    • 100% pure wool pile
    • Measures: 380 x 147 cm (12'5" x 4'9")
    • Free delivery Australia wide

    Order your BOURZU rug today and add a touch of beauty and history to your home. Let this rug be a reminder that you can create a space where you can feel inspired and connected to the past.

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