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This hand-woven pure wool Talish rug from northwest Persia is a perfect example of the region's renowned rug-making tradition. The rug features a mesmerizing diamond design pattern with seven ascending diamonds from bottom to top, creating a mesmerizing structure that guides you as you walk from one side to the other. The sunburst design medallions are symmetrical in appearance, but each one is unique, with subtle variations revealing the charm of a hand-woven object. There are eight camels on the top row border, protecting the family. Buoyant navy and sage green hues add mellow contrasts to the rhythmic pattern and make for an overall soothing experience in this carpet that comes to us in soft-pile condition.

The rug measures 282 x 116 cm (9'3" x 3'9") and was woven in the late 1940s. It is made from 100% soft wool pile on wool foundation.

All photos are taken in natural, filtered light and only very modestly edit photos. Please be aware that colours may vary slightly depending on the device you are viewing it on.

All rugs will be dispatched from our Bo Fig store within 5 business days from receipt of payment. After dispatch, shipping time can vary depending on location with most capital cities 7 business days from warehouse dispatch.  Delivery will be to your front door only. For heavy rugs you may need help to carry it inside. All orders come with free delivery Australia wide. 


  • Hand-woven pure wool Talish rug from northwest Persia
  • 100% soft wool pile on wool foundation
  • Mesmerizing diamond design pattern
  • Seven ascending diamonds from bottom to top
  • Sunburst design medallions
  • Eight camels on the top row border
  • Buoyant navy and sage green hues
  • Soft-pile condition
  • Date woven: Late 1940s
  • Free delivery Australia wide

Order your BEHNAZ rug today and add a touch of beauty and tranquillity to your home. Let this rug be a reminder that you can create a space where you can feel at peace and inspired. The hallway size dimensions of this piece is incredibly useful for a kitchen or a hallway. 

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