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This mini Suzani Azari kilim is a beautiful and unique piece of art. It is hand-woven from pure wool by the tribes of Northwest Persia, and it features a vibrant style that is reminiscent of the natural world. The name is driven from Turkish tradition. Alara is the water fairy and associated lucky number is 6 and suggesting speaking ones mind from heart. A welcome rug for an entrance.

The mini kilim is 68 x 44 cm in size and is approximately 40 years old. It is made with vegetable dyes, which give it its rich colors. The kilim has some imperfections, slight wear, and color variations, but these are all part of its charm.

This kilim is a great way to add a touch of beauty and authenticity to your home. A touch of colour that can reflect and capture attendance. It is also a reminder of the simple life and the importance of community.

Here are some additional details about the kilim:

  • It is made with pure soft sheep wool.
  • It is hand-woven/knotted in a crafted style.
  • It has imperfections, slight wear, and color variations.
  • It measures 68 x 44 cm.
  • It is 40 years old and made with vegetable dyes.
  • Shipping is free Australia wide.

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful kilim, the Alara is a great option. It is a reminder of the simple life and the importance of community.

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