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Five Tibetan Rites – Yoga Asanas for Rejuvenation 

Tradition has it that these 5 poses were adopted by Tibetan warriors to keep them strong and balanced in the time of war. Whether that’s true or not they certainly are a  great energy booster which bring clarity to the mind and uses breath as an anchor for the body and emotion. They also keep the back bones supple and the core strong. These simple five poses along with breathing techniques is a well balanced practice to structure your strength & flexibility in your physical training and daily life.
In the history of this practice, the closest school to have done this form that we will go over are the Saivite yogies of Kashmir. The specific breathing practice was added later by a swordsmen in America. Interestingly the breathing fits perfectly with the 5 Tibetans. This integrated form of 5 Tibetans has been taught in California and north America since the mid 1980's, introduced to the world through my teacher and taught to me.
The course is taught in 4 sessions.
  • First session, 2 hours of learning the physical exercises.
  • Second session, 1 hour, introduces the breathing. The breathing becomes the glue that integrates the whole series.
  • Third session, 1 hour, I will teach you the 'Bandhas' or the locks which are not commonly taught. The effectiveness of the practice is greatly enhanced by inclusion of the Bandhas.
  • Fourth session, 1 hour, reviews and concludes the first three sessions. This is coordinated with the breath & movement to create greater ease as well as a stronger energetic impact. Use of the Bandhas while doing the 5 Tibetans is what will begin to increase the impact of doing this practice and shift it from restorative to regenerative benefits.
By the end of fourth session you will be able to perform the Five Practices safely, effectively & independently. You will receive a certificate on the fourth session and will continue practicing 20 min per day for 21 weeks. All will be taught in the four weeks workshop. 
Duration: 5 Hours Total.
Dates: May 2022. 10:30am Start
*8th May: 2 Hours*
*15th May 1 Hour*
*22th May 1 Hour*
*29th May 1 Hour*
Location: The Bo Fig Studio
Total cost: AU$. 210. Capacity: 12 students only
To book your place please contact 0415 135 615