Few things to take in mind when looking for a Persian rug;

📿Look for the harmony of colours. As time passes the colours in a vintage Persian rug starts aging and you can see if there is a harmony between the different shades.

📿 Examine the pile (the rug fibres) and look for signs of uneven wear. A rug ideally should have even wear across the entire field with no obvious patches.

📿Check the back of the rug. You can see how each knot is sitting next to other. Denser knots with fine wool treads increases the life of a rug.

📿Invest your money in a ‘real’ handwoven rug. They will last you forever and you can pass it to your children and grandchildren.

📿Find a rug dealer that you can connect to as a person, ask questions and look through their stock.

📿Listen to your heart and see which rug calls you. You will be the one that needs to be happy whenever you look at it. .